There is a large group of people that would benefit from a natural alternative to cardiovascular risk reducing drugs.

Of people over 40:
  • 75% have elevated cholesterol
  • 50% have high blood pressure
  • 12% have type 2 diabetes

Cardio Vascular disease risk

Cardiovascular disease is one of the largest health risks to the aging population. In The Netherlands alone, of the 8 million
people over 40, around 1 million people suffer from cardiovascular disease, 400,000 people are admitted to hospital for cardiovascular disease and 40,000 people die of cardiovascular disease each year. 


Many people have an elevated risk profile (blood pressure just a little too high and cholesterol less tan favorable while smoking) but do not require treatment. In the Netherlands this already concerns 2,5 million individuals. They are recommended to change their life style to reduce risk. This is rarely effective and 95% fall back in the old bad habits. For these individuals EssentialCardio is an excellent alternative. 
On top of that, many people that have a seriously elevated cardiovascular risk and should be taking chronic medication, refuse to do so.  Many of them would consider a natural alternative.